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It is with joy and satisfaction that Jucá Art Announces the groups and artists selected to compose the schedule SECOND step EIGHTH edition of the Inhamuns Dolls Circus and Street Arts Festival. Notice of results released in June 2014 with 230 Proposals contained in the three festival of languages.

In the first stage (August 2014) Were selected 18 groups and the SECOND step (circuit FIELD and POLES) Were selected over 30 groups / artists.

We thank all entrants for Their patience and dedication !!!


Selected Groups Step 2 

Boy inside passes – tales that enchant (Fortaleza / CE)

Core Ace of Clubs – A Pereira aunt misery (Londrina / PR)

Troupe Canvas Black – The concert Canvas Black (São Paulo / SP)

The Other Theatre Company – Patch Patch – (Salvador / BA)

Cafuringa group – Cafuringa (Recife / PE)

Collective Nopok – In the Pocket, a show for all pockets (Rio de Janeiro / RJ)

Manic Freak – Pequeño Payaso (Mar Del Plata / HR)

Muruya – Bunches, Tango and Tightrope (Mar Del Plata / HR)

ManoAman the – Kinematos (Mar Del Plata / HR)

Federico Galván – Basura Belleza (Mar Del Plata / HR)

Theatre beauty group – The Don Quixote adventure (Fortaleza / CE)

Gustavo Portela – Le son sur scène (Fortaleza / CE)

Tupiniquim circus – Circus Tupiniquim in Humor Patrol (Eusebius / EC)

Riot troupe Theatre – Animus & Scratches of an almost existence (Quixeré / EC)

Dona Zefinha – Flounder (Itapipoca / CE)

La Charanguita (Itapipoca / CE)

* Juka Group Theatre – semolina Poetry in G Major (Arneiroz / EC)

Cia Carcará Art and Culture – Show of semi-detached Dolls (Quixeré / EC)

Eduardo Show Life (Fortaleza / CE)

* The Company’s 10 Thanks Palhaçaria – Another Great Bullshit (Fortaleza / CE)

* Magic Goldine (Fortaleza / CE)

Clown Little Man (Fortaleza / CE)

* Magic Tilim (Fortaleza / CE)

Clowns and Bigfoot Xenhenhém (Taua / EC)

Thailyta Feitosa – Traveling Poetry (Crato / CE)

* Teruah Group – Walkers Stories (Fortaleza / CE)

Clown pepper (Fortaleza / CE

Augusto puppeteer – Snowman Fuleiragem (Fortaleza / CE)

Adrian Conde (Madrid / Spain)

Collective Malino (Arneioz / EC)


* Circuit FIELD (April / May 2015)

POLES | Arneiroz and Taua (07 to 13 June 2015) lies


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